Josh looks happy but only because the brolly is up Image Credit: Jack Cupido

Two heats then home

REPORT Friday 10th June 2022, 9:49pm

by Mike Hunter

  Edinburgh Monarchs

Tonight's action from Armadale consisted of just two heats, one raced on a dry track, and one on a very wet track, before it was decided that conditions were not suitable for safe racing.

In between the two races there was a very heavy shower, and the best efforts of the track staff could not produce a suitable surface.

Referee Seth Perkin has been unlucky with rain on his Armadale visits. He said "I've done a couple of meetings at Armadale before and we've managed to get them on, but tonight there was further rain after the track repairs and we just couldn't continue."

Sam Masters was the comfortable winner of the opening heat, and partner Jacob Hook at one stage slipped past Ricky Wells before Newcastle's guest no. 1 regained third place.

That's when the rain really got going but after about half an hour the riders emerged for heat 2. Lee Complin raced off with heat 2 in the mud, and Jack Smith was initially well placed too but eventually stopped. Jacob Hook suffered the same fate and Diamonds took the lead with a 3-2, but with the rain back on again it was consultation time.

Not many marks to the weather forecasters tonight, tough on the guys who got mucky in heat 2 and also the track workers, but at least everyone lives to fight another day.